Why a Vegan Diet

I'm not sure where to start...the reasons are so numerous. I guess I can start with the health benefits before getting into the more controversial topics. My position on veganism stems from basic necessities...I wasn't well and needed an alternative to the surgeon's knife, and just days before my scheduled surgery, I changed my diet and within a few weeks, problem solved! That to me was a very powerful and life changing experience. I know other vegans have their reasons for being vegan, but for me it was the sheer health of it in the beginning.

After years of learning, being vegan has become more than just a diet, it is now a lifestyle. See, there's so much more to veganism than just not eating animals or their by-products. It's also about being conscious of the way animals are treated and the impact breeding livestock for human consumption has on our environment. I'll admit it started out being about personal health, but once I learned about the cruelty at some slaughter houses, I could no longer focus on just the health benefits, I had to, even if it's in a small way, speak out against the evil.

I know not all slaughter houses are cruel, but if there's even one out there, it's too much, and we need to galvanize our efforts to end these barbaric practices.

I'm currently doing some research on the impact of raising livestock for food on our environment and will update this page when completed. In the meatime, share your thoughts here.