Vegan Supplements

Why do we even need supplements? Are they necessary? Well, given today's fast paced lifestyles, most of us don't have the time to shop for and prepare complete meals. The majority of us, including myself, simply fall short in this area and in an effort to maintain reasonably good health, we turn to supplements. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a proponent of consuming complete meals, and whenever possible, we should avoid supplements. There's really no substitute for real food; our bodies were designed for it and nothing serves it better than wholesome, natural, organic plant based foods.

Like I said earlier, I'm all for wholesome meals, but I'm also practical and I know I don't have the time and on some occasions, the willingness to prepare complete meals, so I choose a sensible alternative, supplements! Not all supplements are equal and if you're smart about your choices, you'll benefit immensely from the really good ones.

Before choosing your supplements, try to research the company that manufactures the product of interest and if necessary, call them to find out about their product content and production procedures. The objective is to find and use supplements that are not overly processed and are as close to the original plant source as possible. Also, remember to keep an eye out for additives that have no nutritional value but are included for bulk. Yeah, believe it or not, some of these so called health products aren't so healthy when you take the time to learn about their true contents. Some of these supplements are like hot dogs, they have all kinds of body parts ground up to make the end product...gross huh? I remember when I was on my quest to be big and muscular, and even though I was a vegan and ate pretty clean, I would take some supposedly "natural" supplements that would improve my performance in the gym and help me build more lean muscle fibers. I'll be honest, they did help me lift heavier weights and maybe grow a little more muscle, but the negative impact on my liver was always present at my annual physical. My doctor would call after my blood work results were in to let me know my liver count was unusually high. I would stop taking the supplements and within a month, revisit my doctor for a second blood analysis, which would invariably show normal liver count. After a couple years of this back and forth, I gave up my quest for big muscles and accepted that being healthy was way more important.

I shared my story to show that even those of us who are health conscious can fall prey to misleading advertisements and become slaves of our sometimes foolish and vain desires.

I still use supplements but I'm more careful about my choices and as I suggested earlier, I try to research those that I take. If you're interested in finding a good online source, try, they have over 12,000 plus natural products.