Vegan Skin Care

Do you have a difficult time finding quality vegan skin care?

A common concern among vegans, especially women, is that they have a difficult time finding quality vegan skin care. Too often the products they purchase are inferior in quality and simply don't live up to their expectations. What's a vegan girl to do? Hmmm, let's see. You can go back to using non-vegan products, which for some isn't an option, or maybe the all natural approach works just fine. But what if neither works for you, is there an alternative?

Unfortunately, with some of these products you simply have to try them to see if they work for you. Vegan skin care products are no different from other skin care products in that even though they're natural, you could have an allergic reaction. Of course you're less likely to have an allergic reaction to vegan skin care products, but the possibility, however remote, still exists.

So here's an idea. What about using raw ingredients directly. I know they won't replace all your needs, but will reduce the dependency on store bought items. Take cucumber for example, did you know that by placing a couple of slices of cucumber over your eyes each day could help reduce dark spots around the eyes? And how about the ancient aloe vera? It can be used to moisturize and soften skin. Hey, if it's good enough for Cleopatra...Anyway, you get the idea. There are plenty of natural vegan skin care alternatives out there, you just have to spend a little time to research them. Also keep in mind that your skin is the body's largest organ and is used to protect the body as well as cleanse it. It breathes and absorbs so you should be mindful of what you put on it and what you put in it. If your diet is too acidic, you could end up with acne as your body attempts to rid itself of the excess acid through the skin.

Well, if you're not the raw material type or just don't have the inclination to go that route, here are some products that have been touted to be pretty good. Please check them out and be sure to provide a feedback here so others can benefit from your experiment.

Do you have any recommendations for vegan skin care, please share them here.