Vegan Footwear

Are you a fashion conscious vegan?

Vegans who are fashion conscious and are concerned about wearing apparels made from animal hide can sometimes have a difficult time finding vegan footwear that are fashionable, yet sensitive to the plight of animals. Like everyone else, we want quality products that are durable, stylish and more importantly, reasonably priced. After all, these are tough economic times and a vegan lifestyle can be a bit costly...seen the price of organic foods lately?

I know there are some vegans who aren't as concerned about wearing vegan footwear, but we all should make an effort to be more aware of the products we purchase and whenever possible, avoid those that are made from the skins of animals. I'll be the first to admit, I paid more attention to what I ate as a vegan and really didn't give much thought to what I wore, but then I saw a video on animal cruelty in slaughterhouses, and that did it. I still have shoes made from leather, but henceforth, I will buy only vegan footwear. Check out some of our featured footwear.

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