Raw Vegan Recipes

Raw? Yes! Uncooked, untouched by any processing...in the form nature intended. This for some is extreme, but let me tell you, this is, in my opinion, the optimum diet. This is, again in my opinion, the best way to balance the body's pH and keep it alkaline...a sure remedy for many common ailments. I've personally experienced the benefits of such a diet and have averted two biopsies. This stuff is no joke. Even if you're not able to eat "raw" all the time, try cutting out the processed foods and eat your veggies uncooked. I promise you'll look and feel better. Also consider sprouting. Sprouting seeds and grains increase enzyme and nutrient activity, which will make them more digestable. Sprouting is not a new science; it's been used for centuries to make seeds and grains easier to digest, so don't be afraid to test it out. Try some of our raw vegan recipes or some of these other delicious recipes.

Hey, there's so much to gain from a raw diet that you should take the time to learn more. Check out these great articles and easy recipes at Loving It Raw.

Our Recipes

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