pH Balance of the Body

The pH balance of your body is key to great health!

For many years I struggled with maintaining my perfect body weight. I would gain 15-20 pounds and would have to diet like crazy to get rid of it. This happened year after year. I would "beef" up during the colder months and realize it when it was time to visit the pool or the beach. Sounds familiar?

One day a friend reminded of the importance of keeping the body's pH in an alkaline state and immediately after our conversation ended, I went to the internet. After quite a bit of research on the internet and several books later, I learned the true secret of staying healthy...maintain the proper pH balance, and all health issues or concerns would resolve themselves.

I know the statement above is pretty bold, right? So here's my disclaimer. I'm not suggesting that anyone abandon conventional medicine and/or their physician's advice, I'm simply expressing my personal understanding and observation. I strongly urge you, the reader, to do your own research and experiments and come to your own conclusions.

This is what I've personally experienced. A year ago after my annual physical, my doctor called and recommended that I see a specialist to further determine the cause of an elevated PSA count. Like a good patient, I complied, but before my visit to the specialist, I decided to do some research so I'd be more aware of my "problem". After an examination by the specialist, he concluded I needed a biopsy as there was strong evidence that something was wrong. I left there unconvinced and decided to get a second opinion. The second visit ended as the first, needed a biopsy. Hmmm...still not convinced, so I went to see a third. Yeah, I know, there's no such thing as a third opinion, right? Anyway, same conclusion. Well, three was enough, so instead of seeing a fourth, I decided I was going to apply some of what I had learned about the body's pH balance.

I went out and bought myself a good juicer and a whole bunch of fresh vegetables. Notice I said vegetables and not fruits and vegetables. Again, I won't preach to you or impose my philosophy on you, but I'm a believer in reducing or eliminating sugar from my diet, and that means fructose as well. I really believe that sugars have an acidic effect on the body and can be harmful and cause many health problems. Again, do your own research and form your own conclusions. Okay, so back to my story on my elevated PSA. I decided I was going to try a new alkaline diet for two months and then revisit a specialist and have another examination/test done. So for the next two months my daily regimen included a glass of juice made from broccoli, celery, parsley, spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and collard greens. Not exactly tasty, but effective. I also stopped eating processed carbohydrates and all animal based protein. Two months went by quickly and it was time for my next doctor's visit. Can you guess the outcome? Well, a couple of days after my check up and test, the doctor's office called to let me know my PSA count had returned to normal and that they didn't understand why it was significantly reduced over such a short period. I simply chuckled to myself and thought, "of course not". I was so happy and grateful to the friend who shared the pH balance information. I wrote this bit with the hope that it may inspire someone else to do more research and eventually change the way they eat.

Another benefit of my newly found alkaline diet was the loss of excess body fat. This was awesome, as I wasn't trying to lose weight, but with a good healthy diet, it came right off. I know that most people will find my approach a bit extreme, and I'm not suggesting you do things as I did, but I'm suggesting that you learn more about the pH balance of the body and make some adjustments to your current diet. Don't wait to become sick before changing, do it now and hopefully you can avoid some of the health issues so many are plagued with. Remember the old adage, "an ounce of prevention, is better than a pound of cure". Remember, you only get one shot at this life with this body, so take care of it and start eating more for function and less for taste.

If you have questions or comments on the pH balance of the body, please share them here.