Juicing for Health

For some time now there's been a hype about juicing, but are there any real health benefits to juicing, or are you better off just eating the fruits and vegetables? What did we do before the creation of these new popular juicers? My guess is back then we did things the way most people do today...just eat it!

Since the old approach of eating our fruits and veggies has apparently worked well for a long time, why do we need to juice them today? Well, you don't, but given the convenience of these relatively inexpensive machines, it's no wonder so many people buy them with the hope of becoming healthier. Who wants to wake up and have to wash, peel and eat an orange, an apple, a stalk of celery and a carrot? Most of us wouldn't bother. At most, we would eat an apple or an orange, but the celery, forget it. So in a sense, there are definite benefits to juicing. On the other hand, this very convenience could lead folks into overdoing 'it'. What do I mean? Let's take for example someone who chooses to juice three oranges. This, in my opinion, would be too much sugar and would adversely affect your diet. It would be unusual and unlikely that someone would prepare and eat three oranges.

When applied wisely, juicing can be very beneficial. I personally have a glass of vegetable juice first thing every morming. Why? Because I've been fasting for 8 hours (while sleeping) or more and my cells are just dying for nutrients, and what better way to provide these nutrients than a fresh glass of juice. Keep in mind nothing is more nutritious than pure juice and I'll tell you why. Given our poor or overworked digestive system, if we were to eat the fruits and vegetables instead of juicing them, we would probably end up digesting only 70 percent of it. On the other hand, juicing extracts the liquid portion of these foods and allows the body to absorb up to 99 percent of their value. Now, isn't that awesome?

Don't you miss out on the fiber from the fruits and vegetables when you juice? Yes, but I'm not proposing you replace all your meals with juice. I'm merely suggesting you include at least one glass of juice per day. Juicing is awesome but it should not replace all your meals unless you've committed to a "juice fast", and even then it should be for a specific period of time. Again, I caution you to educate yourself before embarking on any fast.

I know you're excited about starting your juice diet, but keep in mind while you're out shopping for fruits and vegetables, the following are not juice-able. In other words, you can blend them to a pulp, but you technically can't juice them; they simply won't produce any juice if you put them in a juicer, they'll just turn into a pulp which can be combined with other juices for a nice blend. So here are the "unjuice-ables" - banana, peach, papaya, cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberry, apricot and plum.

In case you're wondering, I use an Omega-8006. Check out these and other juicers below. By the way, getting the juicer is the first step, but in order to reap the benefits you must actually use it, and use it consistently. Juicing once in a while will not produce the results we're after, so be sure to 'juice it up' regularly...at least 5 times per week.